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  • YOUTH Conference

    • Youth Conference promo is out today: docs and promo in the NEXTGEN DRIVE HERE.
    • Registration packets with the same information and printed posters will be available at *Ministers Retreat* next week. Registration now open.

    **NEW INSTRUCTIONS FOR 2023 YOUTH CONFERENCE hotel 🏨reservations:

    • Call Ramkota directly 605-336-0650 (number that comes up on google maps) ask for Hailey*** OR --- you can also use her email to book rooms 🔔
    • Leader booking will get ONE email confirming all the rooms are booked, from Hailey (versus an email per room they book. She’ll consolidate it into just 1 confirmation email).
    • DON’T need specific names of who all is staying in the each room until October 7th (this is to ensure boys & girls are in separate rooms). On booking - just give the main Pastor/Leader’s name to book all rooms.
    • Let her know if you’re using a card (or direct billing). The card you use HAS to be present when you check-in AND the name of the person on the card has to be present. Our group rate $91.99
    • ‼️If need to let a room go ---- that church leader has to email Hailey directly and say how many rooms that leader is cancelling. THEN - one of our other churches who wants it - needs to email Hailey ASAP to ask to acquire that dropped room. That new church will STILL get our group rate for that room. But she doesn’t want our churches swapping rooms on their own.‼️

    • AT EVENT: check-in is guaranteed AFTER 4PM - NOT BEFORE - Ramkota suggests churches call Ramkota before they leave to come to hotel to verify their rooms are ready.

  • all in: nextgen national conference

    Registration to travel with your 605Fam in Orlando for this conference is live! 

    This is the premiere event for A/G nextgen leaders, those who oversee and work in kids, youth, and young adult ministry. It will once again take place in Orlando, FL at Faith Assembly, March 11-13th, 2024. With general sessions from incredible speakers to breakout sessions with narrow focuses to specific ministry needs. 

    Each year, SD NextGen builds a group trip to help you get there. This helps save you from having to do all the planning and often offers a lower price than if you were to travel on your own. And - it's just plain fun to travel, stay, and play together! So we will once again be putting trip details together. Keep an eye out for those details. Our trip details will include travel, lodging, event registration, ground transportation, and optional fun activity add-ons.

    Mark your calendar for this event. It only happens once every two years so we won't see it again until 2026! Start having conversations with your pastor and with your team members about who may want to go and how you can get as many of your people to join you for this trip. I hope you'll be joining us!

    For more information on the event:


Sd NextGen verbiage

  • 605Fam = SD NextGen churches/ministers/laypeople

    605Fam Voices = blog submissions written by NextGen leaders

    A/G = Assemblies of God

    AIM = Missions Trips - Ambassadors In Mission

    BGMC = Boys and Girls Missionary Challenge

    Camp605 = Summer Bible Camp (in June)

    DYD = District Youth Director

    East River = all towns east of the Missouri River

    FAF = Fine Arts Festival (in the spring)

    JBQ = Junior Bible Quiz

    KidCon = Kids Conference (in February)

    KP = Kids Pastor

    MKs = Missionary's Kids

    Momentum = main Youth & Kids Pastors/Leaders + spouses Retreat (January) 

    NFAF = National Fine Arts Festival

    NGW = NextGen Weekly, this newsletter

    PKs = Pastor's Kids

    RC = Rapid City

    SD1Day = BGMC Big Giving Last Sunday of Year

    SD1Night = STL Big Giving Last Wednesday of Year

    SDAG = South Dakota Assemblies of God district

    SF = Sioux Falls

    STL = Speed the Light

    TBQ = Teen Bible Quiz

    Teen Camp 1 = church can bring middle and high schoolers, or just one type, to these weeks of camp

    West River = all towns west of the Missouri River

    Youth Camps = all camp weeks for teenagers

    YC = Youth Conference (in the fall)

    YP = Youth Pastor