annual credential renewals

Each year, ministers are required to renew their credentials. Credentials are renewed by completing the renewal form online or the paper version mailed to each minister in the fall. Forms must be completed and returned by November 30.

Failure to complete the renewal process by submitting your online form  OR by mailing your paper form into the District Office on time will result in a $50 late fee. After January 15, you will need to complete the reinstatement process ($150 fee, application, and interview required).

In order to renew credentials, a minister's dues must be current with the General Secretary's Office and with the South Dakota District. More information regarding dues is available below.

Credential renewal information is emailed to each minister by the General Secretary's Office each November.

financial responsibility

Persons holding credentials with the South Dakota Assemblies of God are required to direct to the South Dakota District:

  • 100% of the tithe on ministry income
  • 50% of the tithe on non-ministry income; the other 50% of tithe on non-ministry income going to your local Assemblies of God church

You are required to renew your credentials annually. Credentials can only be renewed if your financial responsibilities have been met.

If you have any questions regarding your financial responsibility, please feel free to contact Gary Wileman  , Secretary/Treasurer, or the District Office  605-627-0937 .